My name is Oktay  Ortakcioglu. I am a 40 something years old commercial photographer based in Dublin/Ireland. I formed Imaj Photography  in 2009 as studio based commercial photography business and today Imaj licences an amazing 15,000 + images a year. More info about imaj studios available on our main site www.imaj.ie

Photography is not only my job but also my passion, whenever I get a chance, I go on photography holidays with friends. In 2011, I decided to extend the invitation to other photographers and share the fun and my experience. I launched Imaj Photo Adventures and so far, it turned out to be a great success and an enjoyable aspect of my life.

I currently organize trips to mainly China as I am fascinated with the country, its culture and people. We have a great network of local people helping me to organize these tours which reduces the amount of “unexpected” greatly and allows us spend time on photography and have fun. I also organize tours in Ireland  but currently limited to private groups.
In 2015 we are starting tours in Sri Lanka also.

I hope to see you in one of my photo adventures in near future.

All the best
Oktay Ortakcioglu


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